Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gran Turismo Sport Trailer PSX 2016

Gran Turismo Sport Trailer PSX 2016 | Video Blog


This is the latest trailer movie for Gran Turismo Sport, released at the PlayStation Experience 2016 held in Anaheim, California of the US See and feel true to life light and color, in the new photorealistic world of Gran Turismo Sport enabled by numerous cutting edge technologies such as HDR, VR, and wide color.

* This movie has been optimized for viewing on HDR compatible hardware. You will be able to enjoy the true wide dynamic range and rich colors enabled if you view this on HDR compatible devices.

* For further details regarding Gran Turismo Sport, please visit the official website at.

* The image is ESRB rated. The content of the movie is the same as.

It is the latest trailer of "Gran Turismo SPORT" released at PlayStation Experience 2016 which is currently being held in Anaheim, USA. Please see the photo realistic world that makes real light feel realized by "Gran Turismo SPORT" which got a lot of latest technologies such as HDR, VR and wide color (wide color gamut).

* This image supports viewing in the HDR environment. By viewing with HDR compatible equipment you can see the original wide dynamic range and rich coloring

* For more information on "Gran Turismo SPORT" please visit Gran Turismo's official website "Gran Turismo · dot com ()"

* It is a picture by PEGI rating. The content of the video is the same as


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