Friday, February 23, 2018

Virzha - Aku Lelakimu (Official Music Video)

Virzha - Aku Lelakimu (Official Music Video) | Video Blog

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Video Synopsis

An accident caused Anne to be blind. For months Virzha patiently took care of Anne. Until one day Anne became temperamental over the disaster that happened. In order to restore the cheerfulness of Anne, Virzha willing to donate her eyes, then went for no reason. (2014)

Video Production

I'm your Lurak written by: Pongki Barata

Producer: Ade Alfiansyah & Rifandi

Director: Virlanwana Langgong

Model: Princess Anne

For free RBT

Telkomsel * 121 * 105 #

Indosat * 808 * 24 #

XL / Axis * 919 * 28 #

Tri * 1212 * 24 #

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