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How to Learn to Code (With Accelerated Learning Techniques)

How to Learn to Code (With Accelerated Learning Techniques) | Video Blog





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Hey guys, here’s a quick video on coding: why you should learn and how to get started.

It’s tough picking up code when you know nothing about it and there are so many different strategies out there it’s hard to know where to start. One of the most common questions I get is: ‘which programming language should I learn?’.

In this video, I explain how to get stuck in regardless of the kind of programming you want to learn and examine this in the context of accelerated learning.

The best strategy is to come up with a project. One that is not too hard, but that you’re passionate about. Then learn what you need to build THAT project.

You’ll need to Google the right programming language, IDE and extras and how to set them up on your PC (for Android for example, you need Android Studio, the JDK and the Android SDK). Then you can read a book on that subject to get an overview. THEN just start building your project. Each time you hit a road block, just Google how to solve that problem and then move on.

Having a project contextualizes the code. Don’t worry about knowing everything, just know what you need to know for the given task and grow from there!


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